youth speaker and digital expert

Wayne is a natural born communicator.

He understands that today's young people talk and think digitally.

He believes passionately that young people who harness the power of today's technology to build positive relationships online can maximise their life opportunities resulting in them leading the lives they dream of.

  • Really enjoyed the workshop and will encourage me to think about my awareness of my children when online. Thankyou!


  • Enjoyable workshop. Feel much more confident now! Thanks!

  • Down to earth info which all parents need to know! Going home more knowledgable about social media- very worthwhile.

  • Excellent presentation, well worth attending, thank you and hope this work continues!


  • “I am so inspired, I haven’t been motivated to do anything about my future until now Thank You!!”

    Ciara High School Student,
  • Inspiring, passionate and his enthusiasm is contagious!

    SLA Mobile,
  • Very inspirational and passionate speaker

    Belfast Telegraph,
  • Wayne’s message was concise and clear and one which children will undoubtedly remember!

    Anne Cassidy (Principal) Carrick Primary School,

Youth Motivational Speaker | Online Reputation Talks for Schools and Colleges | Engaging and Inspiring.


Wayne talks about Online Reputation & Cyberbullying it’s impact and gives sound advise on awareness and strategies for prevention, aimed at young people, educators, parents and community organisations who work with young people.

Wayne is passionate, real & engages with his audience on a level which motivates and inspires. He speaks to young people on using technology positively, safely, responsibly and how to use it to maximise their lifes opportunities.


Topics covered within Workshops, School & College Assemblies are:

  • 90% of Recruiters will check you out Online | Your Online Reputation Matters
  • Cyberbullying & Bystanding Behaviour
  • Inspiring Digital Citizenship
  • As a Teenager you can start that Business – Teenage Entrepreneurship,
  • Increasing Confidence and Self Belief, Communication (in a Digital World)
  • Meaning, Purpose and Motivation
  • Sharing and Connecting to Improve Your Life Choices
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Increasing Employability and Social Networking for Life.

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